Are ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Stars Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon a Real-Life Couple? Fans Speculate

lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
Credit: Netflix

The finale of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno 3, which released its last episodes 10 and 11 on the 9th, has sparked a wave of speculation about the current relationship status of Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon. After becoming the final couple on the show, fans are eager to know if their romance has continued off-screen.

Recent posts on online communities suggest that the pair might still be together. A post from July on Choi Hye Seon’s Instagram, featuring flowers and a cake, became a topic of discussion. Fans noted that the flowers she received were from a florist frequently visited by Lee Gwan Hee. Additionally, a candle on a dog’s buttocks, as seen in the post, was likened to Lee Gwan Hee’s aesthetic, fueling further speculation.

lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
Credit: Choi Hye Seon Instagram

Lee Gwan Hee’s Instagram has also garnered attention. A post showing him wearing a green hat and bracelet led international fans to comment, “Green is Hye Seon’s favorite color,” prompting predictions about their continued relationship. Furthermore, Lee Gwan Hee’s recent posts of English phrases and his selection of pop songs have been interpreted by fans as confirming their ongoing relationship.

lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
Credit: Lee Gwan Hee Instagram

As Single’s Inferno 3 concluded with four couples, including Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon, the intrigue surrounding their potential real-life romance continues to captivate fans, eager for confirmation of their off-screen status.

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