‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Star Lee Gwan Hee Reveals If He and Choi Hye Seon Are Still Together

lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
Credit: Netflix

Lee Gwan Hee, the heartthrob of Single’s Inferno 3, briefly revealed his current relationship status with Choi Hye Sun in an interview with OSEN.

He first shared why he chose to star in the variety show, stating, “I was supposed to be in Season 2, but a schedule conflict during my training period kept me away from that season. As I watched Season 2, I thought, ‘It would have been so much fun if I had been on the show.’”

Lee Gwan Hee is currently a basketball player. He became the most popular man on the show due to his tall height, handsome looks, and excellent basketball skills.

Recognizing the attention he’s been getting lately, Lee Gwan Hee said, “Those who know me tell me, ‘You’re just as honest and humorous as you’ve always been.’ But I don’t know how those who don’t know me would have felt watching the show.”

When asked, “Are there any regrettable scenes?” he replied, “I wish I could rewind to before filming the ‘That one, that one, this one’ moment. We were getting to know each other then, so I didn’t know the names of all the female cast members. So I blurted that out like that. That’s the only thing I regretted filming,” repeatedly apologizing.

Previously, Lee Gwan Hee was criticized for pointing his fingers at the female cast, saying “That one, that one, this one.”

lee gwan hee and choi hye seon
Credit: Netflix

Regarding his off-screen relationship with Choi Hye Sun, he answered, “It’s hard to say in detail, but I’m getting along well with the cast members, including Choi Hye Sun, of course. That’s all I can say – I’m afraid to go into too much detail,” with politeness.

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