Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Finale: Meet the Final Four Couples

single's inferno 3 couples
single's inferno 3 couples
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s gripping dating show Single’s Inferno 3 has finally wrapped up, revealing four couples who found love amidst the drama. The season’s final episodes, 10 and 11, released on the 9th, brought the journey to a heartfelt conclusion. The ultimate pairs are Lee Kwan Hee and Choi Hye Sun, Choi Min Woo and Yoo Si Eun, Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri, and Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young.

Lee Kwan Hee’s final choice was faced with Choi Hye Sun, Yoon Ha Jung, and Jo Min Ji, and he chose Choi Hye Sun. Lee expressed, “The conversations we had, which can only happen when hearts truly connect, are why I couldn’t forget Hye Sun.” He explained that if he had chosen Jo Min Ji, he would still find himself thinking about Choi Hye Sun. However, he felt that if he chose Hye Sun, he wouldn’t be as preoccupied with thoughts of Min Ji. He emphasized, “There was no hesitation or doubt in choosing Hye Sun.”

Jo Min Ji, despite not being chosen, displayed resilience in her interview, saying, “I gave my best in every moment. Even if I went back, I doubt much would change.” Yoon Ha Jung also shared her contentment, noting her honesty with her feelings throughout the show.

An Min Young expressed gratitude toward Lee Jin Seok, saying, “It would have been really an ‘inferno’ without him.” Their mutual appreciation blossomed into a romantic connection. Park Min Kyu, who showed unwavering affection for Kim Gyu Ri, saw his feelings reciprocated. Kim responded, “Let’s get along well,” marking their commitment as a final couple.

Yoo Si Eun’s decision was between Son Won Ik and Choi Min Woo, with her heart choosing Choi Min Woo. Their journey, the first couple born out of Inferno instead of Paradise, culminated in them becoming a final couple.

With the show’s conclusion, viewers are eager to know if these four couples are still nurturing their relationships, keeping the romance of Single’s Inferno 3 alive.

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