Tang Wei Firmly Denies Divorce Rumors, Declares Unwavering Love for Husband Kim Tae Yong

tang wei husband
tang wei husband
Credit: YouTube “The Do Show”

In a recent interview on YouTube “The Do Show,” celebrated actress Tang Wei expressed her enduring love for her husband, director Kim Tae Yong.

Amid recent rumors suggesting separation and discord, Tang Wei clarified that the couple’s current living arrangement, residing separately, is solely for their daughter’s education. She dispelled any rumors of marital strife, emphasizing the strength of their bond.

In a light-hearted moment during the interview, Tang Wei shared, “I jokingly told my daughter, ‘The most important people to me are first, my parents, second, my husband, and third, you.'” She recounted her daughter’s dismay at this ranking and reassured her by saying, “Someday, you will meet someone like your father.”

Additionally, Tang Wei affectionately described Kim Tae Yong as a doting dad, always ready to fulfill their daughter’s requests.

tang wei husband
Credit: Getty Images Korea

The couple first collaborated in the film Late Autumn (2011) and their partnership blossomed into marriage in 2014. They welcomed their daughter in August 2016 and have continued to nurture their love ever since.

Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong have teamed up again in the upcoming film Wonderland, directed by Kim Tae Yong. The film, which completed shooting in 2021 and is currently in the editing and post-production phase, narrates the story of reuniting with departed family members and lovers through video calls. The release date for Wonderland is yet to be announced.

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