Park Ji Hoon Talks About Playing Two Roles in ‘Love Song for Illusion’, Chemistry With Hong Ye Ji and More

love song for illusion drama
love song for illusion drama
Credit: iMBC

The press conference for KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Love Song for Illusion was held on December 28th, with director Lee Jung-sub and actors Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee and Jiwoo in attendance.

Park Ji Hoon opened up about his first experience playing dual roles, stating, “Honestly, it’s my first time taking on a dual role. It would be a lie to say it wasn’t emotionally and mentally challenging.” He continued, “It was a bit tough, but I tried not to show it. But Ye Ji also had to keep up with that, which must have been hard for her, but she followed along well and passed on her energy to me. So I’m grateful to her for that part.”

He shared why he chose Love Song for Illusion right after Weak Hero Class 1: “I don’t fear new challenges. I was intrigued by the idea of playing dual roles. I was nervous and scared, but I thought hard about how to best unfold this with the best direction and image.”

Director Lee Jung Sub spoke highly of Park, remarking, “I really enjoyed Weak Hero Class 1. There was a scene where his character Yoon Si Eun was studying alone in his room, looking very lonely and desolate, and that was the Sajo Hyun I wanted.”

love song for illusion drama
Credit: iMBC

In the drama, Park portrays both the original personality of the prince, Sajo Hyun, and the prince’s dangerous, decadent, and self-indulgent second personality, Akhee.

Park described his characters, saying, “Sajo Hyun is serious and has a sense of gravity. He’s a thoughtful guy, while Akhee… Many might think of Akhee as a bad guy, but I don’t think so. He’s a guy who acts for one woman.” He added, “When playing Akhee, I wanted to act freely, and I did. It felt like acting very close to my instincts.”

Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji also boasted about their on-screen chemistry. Hong Ye Ji shared, “I talked a lot with Ji Hoon. He felt like an older brother, which helped our chemistry.” Park Ji Hoon responded, “I was also very comfortable. There was a moment when I was surprised by her. She had such focus and I learned from that.”


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