Park Seo Joon Reflects on Terrifying Military Experience Serving as Prison Guard

park seo joon military
Credit: channel fullmoon

Park Seo Joon shared intriguing stories about his military experiences on the YouTube channel “Channel Fullmoon.”

In a special episode featuring the star, he and producer Na Young Seok discussed various topics. During their conversation, BTS’ V was mentioned, and Park Seo Joon commented, “The raincoat V was wearing could be mine,” referring to V’s outfit on his enlistment day.

He explained, “When I enlisted, there were a lot of protests going on, so many trainees were assigned to serve in the auxiliary police unit. I assumed I would be sent there as well, but they assigned me to a base under Correctional Institution Guard Units, which I had never heard of before. Following basic training, I had the freedom to choose my service location, and I ended up doing my military service in Cheongju instead of Seoul.”

In response, producer Na, who is from Cheongju, humorously remarked, “Now I get why you looked like a hometown buddy.”

Talking about his experience in the correctional institution, he said, “We carried out tasks that prison guards were reluctant to do. There was an additional wall outside the prison wall, and our camp was located there. During our time inside, there were moments when it felt like we were the ones being prisoned. We could only go on vacation once every four months. It was tough.”

He also looked back on the first-week tour he did when he first arrived at the unit. He said, “When I first went to the base, they were giving this tour. A person there casually greeted me with a simple ‘Hey, rookie!’ and that scared the hell out of me.”

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