Bang Si Hyuk & Taeyang’s Residence in Hannam-dong Touted as Seoul’s Priciest Home

bang si hyuk house

Bang Si Hyuk and TaeyangMin Hyo Rin‘s 180 million KRW (approx. 148 million USD) residence came under the spotlight.

On the 1st, TV CHOSUN’s new variety show The World’s Homes (literal title) highlighted “The Top 3 Most Expensive Homes Around the World.” This topic is of particular interest in South Korea, especially for Seoul residents, who have felt the pressure of skyrocketing house prices in recent years, making the dream of owning a home seem more challenging.

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One of the most intriguing segments was the introduction of Seoul’s most expensive house, located in Hannam-dong, valued at an astonishing 180 billion won. This luxurious residence is reportedly inhabited by BTS’s producer Bang Si Hyuk, the Chairman of HYBE, along with Big Bang’s Taeyang and his wife, actress Min Hyo Rin.

During the episode, the six cast openly discussed their experiences with housing costs, sharing personal stories about the rent and lease prices of homes they have lived in.

Hong Jin Kyung, a resident of a vast estate in Pyeongchang-dong that even her fellow celebrities envy, revealed a surprising backstory about her home. “My house is quite unique,” she said, adding, “The townhouse I live in was designed by the architect Jun Itami. However, he passed away shortly after, making it his last work.”

Additionally, Boom shared, “I once lived in the luxurious UN Village with a Han River view, where the monthly rent was 500 million KRW (approx. 412,000 USD). I shared it with Tony Ahn.” But he then revealed that they didn’t stay there for long, explaining, “The Han River view was breathtaking. But Tony didn’t like sunlight, so we always had the blackout curtains drawn. Eventually, we moved out before even a year passed,” giving a big laugh.

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