7 Korean Celebrities Who Redefine the Word ‘Neat Freak’ With Impeccably Clean Homes

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Hwang Minhyun

Hwang Minhyun gave serious neat freak vibes on I Live Alone in 2019. After waking up, he made his bed and brushed his teeth to nix any overnight germs. He went on to organize the fridge, kitchen stuff, and shoes neatly. He then masked up, dusted off shelves, vacuumed even under the carpet, and used a steam cleaner on the floor. Just when it seemed like the cleaning was over, he tackled the bathroom. Armed with a brush, Minhyun scrubbed the bathroom floor, making the already white tiles even brighter. His zero tolerance for dust drove him to put a lot of time and effort into keeping things spotless.

Fly to the Sky’s Brian

Fly to the Sky member Brian revealed his crazy passion for cleaning. Brian introduced his home on a web variety show, sharing that he spent around 100 million won ($770,000) on cleaning supplies. He also said that he has four vacuum cleaners at his home. He humorously commented, “Some people flex with expensive watches, others with clothes. But in my case, I flex with cleaning supplies.” He added, “I dislike seeing hair strands, dead skin cells and dust on the floor.”

Brian expressed joy as he showcased recently purchased cleaning items, including a self-sorting drink tray and a magnetic window cleaner. When asked about the exact total cost of his cleaning supplies, he said, “Including all the tools, I’ve spent just under 100 million won. My concern is that if I move next year, it might not stay under that amount.”

Credit: MBC

Changmin‘s house was revealed in the MBC variety show I Live Alone in 2018. His house had a simple yet modern interior that features a stylistic mix of grey and white tones. The members couldn’t hide their astonishment at the display shelves filled with dust-free liquor bottles and car figurines. Various books on humanities were also found in the house.

Namkoong Min and Jin Areum
Credit: Namkoong Min’s Instagram

Namgoong Min married Jin Areum in October 2022 after seven years of dating. The newlyweds’ first home, purchased with the hard-earned money Namgoong Min worked for, was revealed on various variety shows. The couple’s new home is so immaculate that one might question if it’s a place where someone actually lives.

When Namgoong Min showcased his home on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, Yoo Jae-suk commented, “The house looks so cool,” and jokingly added, “I wonder if it would be okay to boil stew here because it’s so clean.”

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SE7EN and Lee Da Hae
Credit: SBS

The newlywed home of SE7EN and Lee Da Hae was revealed in the episode of Point of Omniscient Interfere broadcasted in May of this year. SE7EN mentioned that although they had considered a new place, they decided to start their married life at Lee Da Hae’s house, stating that they weren’t quite ready for a new home.

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Lee Da Hae’s house, with a white and wood-tone interior, boasts a luxurious scale, leaving viewers in awe. The house reflected her neat and meticulous personality, with perfect organization and tidiness evident throughout. Even the shelves of the refrigerator and storage cabinets were neatly arranged. After seeing Lee Da Hae’s house, Seo Jang Hoon, who is also a famous celebrity neat freak, gave a thumbs up, saying, “It looks like a film set.”

Kim Youngdae

Kim Young Dae guest-starred on the October 28th episode of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere. There, his Han River-view house was revealed, leaving other celebrities in awe. Kim Young Dae was seen neatly making his bed as soon as he got up. In the fridge, various drinks were perfectly lined up in an orderly manner. Observing Kim Young Dae’s meticulously organized house, other celebrities commented, “It’s so tidy” and “Do you usually keep your house so clean?”

When the panelists asked about his MBTI, Kim Young Dae responded that he is an INTJ.

Lee Kyu Hyung

The tidy Han River-view home of Lee Kyuhyung has been revealed on MBC’s I Live Alone. There, he expressed his unique philosophy of living alone, stating, “I started living on my own in my thirties. Even though I’m a dude flying solo, I made a commitment not to make things all gloomy and messy.” As if to prove his words, his home was neatness personified. The chic and modern interior, along with well-organized living arrangements, stood out. There was even a lovely tissue case, and he shared, “I searched for something pretty and bought it myself.”

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