Namkoong Min’s Heartwarming Revelations: Marriage, New Home, and Pursuing Dreams

namgoong min house
namgoong min house
Credit: tvN

Namkoong Min made a delightful appearance on tvN’s popular show, You Quiz on the Block, sharing intriguing stories with the audience.

When Yoo Jae Suk met him, he couldn’t help but bring up a heartwarming event from last year – Namkoong Min’s marriage. In October, the star and Jin A Reum tied the knot after seven years of public dating, spreading happiness all around.

Yoo Jae Suk then talked about the couple’s newlywed home, saying, “Your house was partially on TV. It looked like a model house. It was so impressive that anyone would think twice before daring to cook and make a mess in such a nice space.”

Jin A Reum, Namkoong Min’s wife, also got some spotlight when he playfully inquired about Jo Se Ho being invited to a birthday party. The humorous exchange made it clear that the drama star somehow always stays informed about Jo Se Ho’s whereabouts. It turned out that during the celebration, Park Shin Hye’s video call featured none other than Jin A Reum, adding a sweet touch to the story.

Recalling the unexpected decision to pursue an acting career, Namkoong Min shared, “I received an offer for open auditions for TV comedians and talents. After seeing that, something unknown inside me bubbled up, and I said to my mother, ‘Mom, should I give this a try?’ My mom burst into laughter and said, ‘I know you well, and you have many other remarkable qualities. Talented entertainers are extraordinary people, but I think your strengths lie elsewhere.’ But she told me to try it for the memories, so I went to Yeouido, the audition venue.”

From there, Namkoong Min took on minor and supporting roles, steadily working his way up to lead positions. Despite facing challenges on various filming sets, his passion for acting remained steadfast, bringing happiness and fulfillment to his pursuit of a lifelong dream.

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