Go Youn Jung Sparks Romance with Seo In Guk and Lee Do Hyun in ‘Death’s Game’

death's game go yoon jung
death's game go yoon jung
Credit: TVING

In the TVING original series Death’s Game, Go Youn Jung, another secret cast, will turn into novelist Lee Ji Soo, unfolding a poignant love story with Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk) and Jang Gun Woo (Lee Do Hyun).

Lee Ji Soo was Choi Yi Jae’s girlfriend since their college days. Following Yi Jae’s death, Ji Soo lives in grief until she coincidentally encounters Jang Gun Woo. Choi Yi Jae, trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth and inhabiting Jang Gun Woo’s body, encounters his ex-girlfriend, leading to a whirlwind of emotions.

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death's game go yoon jung
Credit: TVING

The released photos capture the contrasting ways Choi Yi Jae and Jang Gun Woo interact with Lee Ji Soo. Yi Jae has decided to break up with his girlfriend after repeated failures in job hunting. In contrast, Gun Woo, standing before Ji Soo again, exudes a sense of excitement.

The pre-released video features the fateful first encounter between Yi Jae and Ji Soo, followed by their reunion. Under a shower of cherry blossoms, Yi Jae and Ji Soo meet on an overpass on their university campus. The young Ji Soo, smiling brightly at Yi Jae, contrasts with the present Ji Soo, who meets Gun Woo with an expressionless face. The changes Ji Soo has undergone after Yi Jae’s death and whether she will recognize her former lover inside Gun Woo’s body pique interest in the fate of these lovers reunited beyond death.

Meanwhile, Death’s Game revolves around Choi Yi Jae, who, moments before falling into hell, is given the grim task to live out 12 deaths and lifetimes by Death (Park So Dam). Part 1 of the series will be released on December 15th, followed by Part 2 on January 5th. Additionally, the show will be available in over 240 countries worldwide through Prime Video.

Source: TVING

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