Unrelated Personal Details Emerge in Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Probe Causing Public Outcry

Lee Sun Kyun scandal
Lee Sun Kyun scandal
Credit: Yonhap News

Amidst the ongoing investigation into the drug allegations against Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon, public criticism is mounting as unrelated personal details are being leaked. The investigation, which began with solely the statement of a nightclub manager A, has failed to secure evidence over a month and is now being criticized for focusing on matters unrelated to the core allegations.

On the 24th, KBS reported that A, who first unveiled the drug allegations against Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon to the police, stated that “Lee Sun Kyun had taken drugs five times.” She allegedly provided specific details to the police about the times, frequency, and methods of taking.

This information emerged just after the second detailed examination of Lee’s body hair returned a negative result. The actor had already tested negative in a preliminary test, and the detailed examination of his head hair also returned negative results. The leg hair didn’t get any results due to insufficient sample size, but even the underarm hair tested negative, putting the police on the back foot.

The problem arises with the leak of unrelated personal details. The report on the 24th even revealed a recording of Lee saying to A, “I really like you too.” Given that he is married with underage children, concerns have been raised about the impact of such personal revelations on his family.

People’s reactions were cold. Comments on the article reporting the case included, “Why obsess over a celebrity with no detected drugs?”, “Hard to believe the manager. There are reports of her being a pathological liar,” and “How can there be five instances of drug use when all his hair tests are negative?”

However, the police have denied any involvement in leaking the details. A representative stated, “We believe A leaked the conversation between Lee Sun Kyun and herself. We are taking special care to prevent any leak of investigative details.” Some speculate that A might have an ulterior motive for leaking information about the actor, or that the leak could have occurred during the application for the warrant.

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