‘The Matchmaker’ Episode 7 Recap: Rowoon Recalls The Moment He Made His Mind to Marry Cho Yi Hyun

Credit: KBS

Episode 7 of  The Matchmaker had Rowoon recalling the moment he made up his mind to marry Cho Yi Hyun.

Nielsen Korea reported on November 21st that the seventh episode of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 3.3 percent.

During the episode, Maeng Sam Soon (played by Jung Bo Min) subtly exposes Park Bok Ki (Lee Soon Won) for the murder of Lee Cho Ok (Yang Ah Myung) six months ago in a novel she wrote under the pseudonym “Hwarok.”

Furious about the daring exposé, Bok Ki visits Hwarok, only to be greeted by Shim Jung Woo (Rowoon) disguised as the writer.

However, Jung Woo faces a crisis when Bok Ki fires an arrow at him. At the moment of his fall off the cliff, Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun) saves him from danger. Reflecting on the incident, he murmurs, “Looking back, I had already made up my mind to marry Lady Yeoju.”

Meanwhile, Episode 8 of The Matchmaker will be postponed due to coverage of the South Korea versus China match for the second round of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification.

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