Did the Investigation Lack Concrete Proof? Forensics Lab Fails to Detect Drug Components in Lee Sun Kyun’s Hair

lee sun kyun allegations
lee sun kyun allegations
Credit: SBS

Recent reports indicate that Lee Sun Kyun, suspected of using illegal drugs, tested negative in both an instant drug test and a hair strand test.

Hankook Ilbo revealed on November 15th that the Incheon Police Drug Crime Investigation Unit obtained both head and leg hair samples from Lee Sun Kyun during their investigation last month. The unit subsequently requested a detailed examination from the National Forensic Service (NFS). However, the NFS reported that the leg hair is a non-analyziable sample. The precise analysis of drug substances in hair is a crucial step in substantiating allegations, yet the ‘non-testable’ sample collected from Lee Sun Kyun has posed significant challenges to the ongoing police investigation.

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While authorities are considering the possibility that the amount of hair collected was insufficient, no additional hair was collected from Lee during his second investigation on November 4th.

Meanwhile, the police have requested NFS to conduct a hair strand test on G-Dragon, who was booked last month for drug suspicions. Earlier, the court dismissed the search warrant issued against the rapper. Now, authorities face criticisms over their inability to secure adequate evidence for the drug allegations against Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon.

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