‘Ballerina’ Director Shares What It Was Like Working With His Girlfriend Jeon Jong Seo on Set

lee chung hyun girlfriend
lee chung hyun girlfriend
Credit: Netflix

Director Lee Chung Hyun mentioned his girlfriend Jeon Jong Seo in an interview for his Netflix movie Ballerina.

After going public about dating the actress, director Lee had her girlfriend starring in his next project. He stated, “While filming the movie Call, I thought it would be great to work with her once again for another noir genre. When the scriptwriting was over, I had no doubt that she was perfect for the role in this new project. Jong Seo’s real-life personality is very similar to the character Ok Joo’s – Just like her character, she is always ready to take the risk once determined. No other actors can replace her, without a doubt.”

According to the director, working with his girlfriend had more advantages than disadvantages. As the couple knew about themselves very well, they could quickly pick up on what each other wanted and the direction they wanted to go to without having to say much on set. “I’ve never regretted going public about our relationship,” he emphasized. “Frankly, I didn’t intend to keep it secret in the first place. It was just because no one really asked about our relationship. After the news broke, I didn’t want to deny it.” 

Earlier, Jeon Jong Seo introduced director Lee as “someone very interested in making female-centered films.” His previous films Bargain and Call all revolve around female protagonists. The director revealed, “I’m interested in women’s stories perhaps because I have two younger sisters. I think my interest will keep growing in the future, and I hope my capabilities will develop as well.”

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