Who Was the Grand Prize Winner of Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan’?

devil's plan winner
devil's plan winner
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s variety The Devil’s Plan marked the end of its dynamic intellectual competition with the release of episodes 10 to 12 on Tuesday.

Bringing together a diverse group of 12 professionals, including lawyers, doctors, science YouTubers, pro gamers, and actors, the show centered around a seven-day brain survival game to determine the ultimate winner. The Devil’s Plan reached the top 10 list in 10 countries and recorded over 1,500,000 watch hours from October 2nd to October 8th. It secured the 6th position in the Global Top 10 TV Shows (Non-English) list, following its previous ranking of 4th last week.

devil's plan winner
Credit: Netflix

The final episode of The Devil’s Plan featured a heated match between the two players who emerged victorious, Ha Seok Jin and science Youtuber Gwedo. After an intense showdown, Ha Seok Jin was crowned the ultimate winner of the program.

The Devil’s Plan producer Jung Jong Yeon expressed gratitude, saying, “Now that all the episodes have aired, I want to express my gratitude to the viewers who enjoyed our journey. The unexpected twists during filming kept us on our toes, and the story continued to unfold as the survival challenges progressed. It was an incredible experience where we learned and connected with amazing people. I look forward to bringing the show back to you with even more love in the future.”

The Devil’s Plan’s 12 episodes are now available on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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