PICK: 5 YouTube Shows Every K-Pop Idol Should Star in After Comeback

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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Yu Jin Kim


SEVENTEEN is about to have their own version of Youth Over Flowers. It all started when DK, Dino, and Wonwoo drew lots for the ‘Wish for Youth Over Flowers appearance’ on the YouTube channel ’15ya’ back in May. Producer Na Young Suk’s idea of creating such an episode, for him to learn and get to know the members better, actually led to the birth of new content. Much like SEVENTEEN, many K-pop idols these days frequently appear on various YouTube channels, where they share their music stories and promote their latest albums.

Today, we introduce 5 YouTube channels that fans often request their favorite idols to appear on.

IU’s Palette 


“IU’s Palette” is a YouTube show named after IU‘s 2017 song of the same name. The show features IU engaging in casual conversations and singing alongside guest stars. The main part of the show is the cover stage segment, where IU performs the guest star’s latest song, and the guest sings one of IU’s songs in return. IU is backed by her house band, comprised of keyboardist Seo Dong Hwan, guitarist Jung Seok Hoon, bassist Yang Kyung Ah, and drummer Shin Seung Kyu, who create beautiful band arrangements of the original songs. Additionally, the show offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the song arrangement process and the rehearsals for the cover song performance. This segment of the show is known as “Color Change,” a name inspired by the appearance of NewJeans on the show.

LeeMujin Service

“LeeMujin Service” is a music talk show hosted by singer-songwriter Lee Mu Jin. It made its debut in 2022 and is available on both KBS’ K-pop YouTube channel and on television, with the TV broadcast airing later at night. The program stands out for its unique focus on the individual singing talents and personalities of K-pop members, rather than on the entire groups they belong to. The Youtube show has welcomed a variety of musical guests, including (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, New Jeans’ Daniel, IVE’s Lee Seo, and the talented singer-songwriter Seori, who was featured in one of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s songs. The show mainly features interesting conversations between the host and guests, along with captivating duet performances.

No Prepare


“No Prepare” has been on the air since 2022, hosted by Lee Young Ji, who invites guests into her own home for candid conversations. Lee Young Ji skillfully guides the show by encouraging guests to openly discuss their concerns, despite her relatively short time in the entertainment industry since her breakout on High School Rapper. However, it’s worth noting that only adults are featured as guests on the show, as the entire show runs while the host and the guests are on alcohol. Notably, the episode featuring BTS’s Jin garnered the highest viewership due to his rare appearances in variety shows. “No Prepare” wrapped up its second season in July of this year.



“GYM JONG KOOK” is a fitness talk show that has been airing since 2021, hosted by work out enthusiast Kim Jong Kook. The episode featuring Song Ji Hyo, known for her chemistry with Kim Jong Kook on Running Man, garnered the most love from viewers. Over time, the show has become a must-appear program for idols who need to focus not only on their vocals and performances but also on keeping themselves in top physical shape. Kim Jong Kook evaluates what idols are doing well and offers new exercise routines, much like a personal trainer from their own agency. The episode featuring LE SSERAFIM received rave responses, as the members’ precise exercise techniques seamlessly blended with their on-stage performance.



“MMTG” is a popular Youtube show for idols looking to promote their comebacks. In their series called “Must-Watch Comeback Episodes,” the hosts review the idol’s past music and performances, share the best fan comments, and give a sneak peek into their upcoming comeback. The host, Jae Jae, is a big K-pop fan, and sometimes, guests are surprised by how much she knows about them. She keeps the show exciting, even when there are large K-pop groups with many members, which can sometimes make things a bit chaotic.

There’s also a segment called “Hidden Hot Songs” that brings old songs back into the spotlight. This has helped songs like Coed School’s “Bbiribbom Bbaeribom” and ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” climb the music charts. Besides that, the show offers various content, like “Secrets of Swan Lake,” where they look at what makes idols successful after being active for more than ten years, and “Jae Jae from 2004,” where the host, who was born in the ’90s, gets to know Generation Z members to build closer relationships.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

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