Curated Playlist: 4 Best K-Indie Songs That You Must Play While Driving

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Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Hana Lee

Sometimes, magical moments happen as you drive down an open road, leaving the chaos of everyday life behind. However, the importance of music is often overlooked on these inspirational trips. Whether it’s a hopeful or soothing piece, the power of a music track to change our mood and enhance our driving experience cannot be emphasized enough. With its harmonious melodies and emotive tunes, music becomes the perfect companion for your journey.

1. Mood Elevation

One of the most noticeable effects of enjoying music while driving is that it uplifts our mood. Good music has the power to transform a mundane journey into an exhilarating adventure, adding an extra layer of excitement to your trip. At times, you might discover that the journey itself is more captivating than reaching the destination itself. So, here’s a song that sets the perfect mood for your drive.


2. Time Distortion

You may have experienced moments when the music that blends seamlessly with the wind, humidity, and city lights during a drive makes you realize how time seems to pass faster. This phenomenon, which can also be referred to as”time distortion,” can make your drive more romantic and enjoyable.

The Breeze – What can I say?

3. Bonding Experience

Music can be a powerful tool to bond with others during the trip. Sharing songs not only deepens relationships but also creates lasting memories of the trip. When everyone joins in and sings together during the trip, that moment can become the essence of the travel experience.

MeloMance – Gift

4. A Soundtrack That Goes Along With the Landscape

When you’re out on the road early in the morning, driving through the faint mist, there are moments when it feels like you’re all alone in the world. This is the song you should listen to during those times. The track will let you experience the mystique of driving on a Sunday morning when everyone else hasn’t woken up yet.

The Black Skirt – Everything

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