Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Sweet Tributes

lee bo young and ji sung
lee bo young and ji sung
Credit: Allure

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have teamed up with Allure magazine to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

The revealed photos beautifully capture the romantic chemistry between the two stars as they gaze lovingly at each other with bright smiles.

lee bo young and ji sung
Credit: Allure

In a post-photoshoot interview, Lee Bo Young described what her husband Ji Sung means to her. She said, “He is very loving and considerate, which gives me a lot of strength, especially when I’m working.”

When asked about what she has newly learned about him over the last ten years, she explained, “He is a committed family man who knows importance of his family and places them above all else.”

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lee bo young and ji sung
Credit: Allure

When asked about how he feels about going ten years into marriage, Ji Sung shared, “It feels like the time has just flown by. I can’t put into words how incredibly happy my married life has been so far. My only wish is that the next ten years will be just as wonderful.”

He went on to say, “Since I met my wife, I’ve found peace and a greater ability to focus on my work. We’re each other’s biggest source of support,” expressing his deep affection for his beloved wife.

lee bo young and ji sung
Credit: Allure

As the interview concluded, Ji Sung and his wife offered valuable insights into their personal definitions of family and their approach to child discipline, shedding light on the strong bonds that hold their loving family together.

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung married in 2013 and currently have a son and a daughter.


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