Suzy and Yang Se Jong Spark Excitement for Their New Netflix Series ‘Doona!’

doona netflix
doona netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix is cranking up the buzz for its brand-new series Doona! by dropping character stills for its leads Doona and Won Jun.

Average college student Won Jun crosses paths with Doona, a K-pop idol-turned-recluse, in a shared living space, and sparks fly. This upcoming romance drama grabs your attention with visuals reminiscent of its original webtoon, starring Suzy and Yang Se Jong.

doona netflix
Credit: Netflix

Suzy steps into the shoes of Doona, who used to be the most popular member of a girl group with attention-stealing looks and stellar talents. But now, she is living incognito in a shared house.

“For me, Doona feels like a cat with sharp claws, candid yet carrying scars and loneliness,” Suzy spills the tea on her character. “But deep down, she’s a ‘dog-cat,’ someone who loves people.” Director Lee Jung Hyo gushed his praises to her, “Who else could be Doona but Suzy?” Suzy’s flexibility in her acting caught Lee’s eye, adding an “it” factor that amped up the anticipation for the character.

doona netflix
Credit: Netflix

As for Won Jun, portrayed by Yang Se Jong, he’s a college student whose eyes are firmly set on the future for his family and himself. He encounters Doona for the first time at the shared house’s front door. Oblivious to her idol past, Won Jun only finds Doona familiar yet can’t shake off his irritation towards her brash demeanor.

“Reading the original, I felt thrills and imagined, ‘What if this happened in real life?'” Yang Se Jong shared. Director Lee commented, “Working with him made me realize what genuine he is, just like Won Jun. His sincere and effortless emotional display synced well with the character.”

So, people, get ready to binge. Doona! will be streaming exclusively on Netflix starting October 20th.

Source: Netflix

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