‘My Lovely Liar’ Review: A Heartwarming Rom-Com With Unforgettable Characters

my lovely liar reviews

Edited by Seo Hae Lan
Translated by Yu Jin Kim

my lovely liar reviews
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What if you had the power to recognize people’s lies? My Lovely Liar, an exciting drama filled with imagination, tells the love story between a “liar hunter” with the ability to distinguish lies and a reclusive genius composer. The intriguing setting, adorable characters, and actors beloved by K-drama fans are what make us watch this show. Moreover, the deepening relationships between the protagonists are now captivating viewers even more.

Mok Sol Hee, who was born with the ability to discern lies thanks to her mother’s prayers, makes a living as the “liar hunter,” taking on requests to detect others’ lies. Unfortunately, she faces difficulty in meeting people or liking them due to her special talent. One day, a man moves in next door to her. He is the famous composer named Kim Do Ha, but nobody has ever seen his face properly because he always covers it with a black mask or sunglasses. The two meet each other for the first time due to a small misunderstanding, but their relationship continues through many incidents as they gradually develop feelings for each other. However, multiple hurdles lie ahead for them to be fully open with themselves and each other’s emotions. One of these hurdles is the disappearance of Do Ha’s ex-girlfriend, which completely changed his life.

The journey of Sol Hee and Do Ha’s growing relationship follows the classic formula of a romantic comedy. Viewers are captivated as the two share their daily lives and become closer. Living in neighboring homes, their first meeting occurs when they exchange a chicken accidentally delivered to the wrong house. From then on, they grow closer as they deliver medication, provide care for one another, and chat on their balconies. The charming backdrop of a friendly neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul enhances the romantic vibes of the story. They encounter each other while buying bread at the bakery, hangout with drinks at a bar without the worry of running into acquaintances, and join others to watch soccer at a pub. Through these simple interactions, their feelings toward each other deepens. Some episodes showcase Sol Hee’s unique ability and Do Ha’s professional qualities, contributing to the excitement of their daily exchanges and blossoming romance.

Sol Hee and Do Ha both have significant obstacles to overcome in order to fully admit to their feelings. Ironically, Sol Hee’s main challenge revolves around her “special ability to detect lies.” Her family fell apart due to this ability, and her mother occasionally shows up to ask for money, which further worsens her emotional wounds. Adding to her struggles, she ended a previous relationship with a man she had considered marrying. Despite generally distrusting people due to her ability, she starts developing feelings for Do Ha, who remains truthful during their conversations but attempts to hide his true self. On the other hand, Do Ha has his own share of difficulties stemming from a tragic incident in his past that dramatically reshaped his life. Five years ago, his first love Eom Ji disappeared, and he was wrongly accused and faced blame from others. This led him to live in isolation ever since. To move forward, he needs closure for this unresolved event. However, the challenge lies in his hazy memory of what actually happened on that fateful day. As viewers follow their journey, they eagerly await Sol Hee and Do Ha’s ability to navigate these crises and grow closer in the process.

my lovely liar reviews
Credit: tvN

In the romantic comedy genre, the attractiveness and acting skills of the leads play a significant role in making the project more appealing. Looking at it from this perspective, the drama manages to meet this standard, especially in the first six episodes. Kim So Hyun, who returned after a long hiatus since River Where the Moon Rises, impressively brings her unique qualities to her character. She skillfully takes the lead in the show by portraying the different facets of the cheerful and kind-hearted Sol Hee, who struggles to open up due to wounds from past relationships. Hwang Min Hyun, who previously demonstrated great acting in Hotel del Luna, effectively shows the process of gradually breaking down the emotional barriers in his heart, which were closed off due to his painful history. The chemistry between the two exceeds expectations, and they successfully convey their heartwarming love story while showcasing their charms.

In the latter part of episode 6, Sol Hee reveals her secret to Do Ha. How will Do Ha react to this revelation? Will they find the courage to face the world with their deepening feelings ? As we look forward to the beautiful depiction of their growing awareness of each other’s emotions, we’re also curious about the truth behind Eom Ji’s disappearance, a haunting mystery for Do Ha. Previously, there were instances where the focus shifted to solving the mystery after the protagonists confirmed their love, resulting in a loss of the initial excitement. We hope that My Lovely Liar maintains its charm until the end by striking a balance between the romance and mystery genres. (6/10)

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