‘My Lovely Liar’ Episode 6 Recap: Romantic Sparks Fly Between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun

my lovely liar ep 6 recap
my lovely liar ep 6 recap
Credit: tvN

Episode 6 of tvN’s My Lovely Liar depicted how Kim Do Ha (played by Hwang Min Hyun) changed with Mok Sol Hee’s (Kim So Hyun) help. He decided to overcome the fear of meeting new people without masks and gladly expressed his gratitude to Sol Hee for helping him out.

While having a drink with Do Ha, So Hee blurted out in a drunken moment, “You must like me.” She even slapped him as he escorted her home. However, the following day saw him at her house with hangover soup. From there, their connection began to gradually evolve into something more special.

Later, Sol Hee ventured out to meet her new client, only to discover that the client was none other than her own mother, Cha Jung Sook (Jin Kyung). Despite knowing that her mother was blaming her for all the problems and difficulties in her life, Sol Hee couldn’t disregard her mother’s plea for another chance and was caught in a dilemma.

While at Sol Hee’s cafรฉ, Do Ha unintentionally overheard their conversation. Seeing tears in her eyes tugged at Do Ha’s heart. He tried to comfort her by reaching out to hold her hand, but she hesitated and shared, “I can tell when people are lying.”

The show concluded with Sol Hee tearfully divulging her secrets, leaving Do Ha utterly bewildered. Their exchanged gazes amidst the rain piqued curiosity about what awaits them in the future.

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