FIFTY FIFTY vs. ATTRAKT: Will the Injunction be Granted or Not?

fifty fifty attrakt lawsuit
fifty fifty attrakt lawsuit
Credit: FIFTY FIFTY Instagram

How will the legal dispute between FIFTY FIFTY and their agency ATTRAKT end?

According to the legal community, the court is just about to make a decision regarding FIFTY FIFTY’s case against ATTRAKT. People in the know are saying that since questioning and discussions have already taken place, it wouldn’t be surprising if the decision is announced sometime in August.

If the injunction is granted, FIFTY FIFTY would be able to end their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT and sign up with a new agency. On the flip side, ATTRAKT can appeal against the decision made by the court, but this would involve substantial legal proceedings.

However, if the court refuses to grant the injunction, the relationship between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT will remain unchanged. Plus, FIFTY FIFTY could be held responsible for compensation due to the interruption of their activities caused by the provisional injunction. 

The legal representatives of FIFTY FIFTY have expressed their intention to appeal against the decision if the court does not grant the injunction. While ATTRAKT is seeking an amicable resolution, FIFTY FIFTY has firmly demonstrated their unwillingness to end their relationship with their agency by filing a lawsuit against CEO Jeon Hong Joon.

Many are closely watching this uncommon situation where a rookie k-pop group is using legal steps to end their contract with their agency. However, regardless of the outcome, a prevailing skeptical view suggests that they won’t be able to continue their activities as before.

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