KEPA Calls Out ‘Unanswered Questions’ for Biased Coverage on ATTRAKT vs. FIFTY FIFTY Dispute

fifty fifty controversy explained
fifty fifty controversy explained
Credit: FIFTY FIFTY Instagram

The Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association (KEPA) has formally requested an apology from SBS’s Unanswered Questions.

On the 22nd, KEPA revealed, “Recently, global music fans have witnessed the astonishing success of Korea’s small-to-mid-sized agency ATTRAKT and their group FIFTY FIFTY, who, in the unprecedented history of K-pop, entered the Billboard Hot 100 within six months of debut, and ranked in the upper echelons for 21 consecutive weeks. The exclusive contract dispute between them has raised eyebrows and garnered worldwide attention.”

The association continued, “In this context, the deficient content and biased reporting of SBS’s Unanswered Questions in episode 1365, aired on the 19th, prompted an emergency executive meeting on August 21st. The production team lost the fairness and public interest of broadcasting, distorting the essence of the ongoing dispute, and incited public outrage by reporting biased, false information.”

Credit: SBS

KEPA sharply criticized, “The portrayal of the agency’s fundraising and profit distribution process as gambling disparaged the righteous activities of producers and severely damaged their reputation.” They also pointed out, “FIFTY FIFTY claimed breach of contract and destroyed trust with ATTRAKT, submitting a request to suspend the contract to the court, and is currently in a legal dispute.”

Further, they excoriated, “The production team seriously distorted the essence of the issue by reporting unilaterally claimed, emotionally appealed, and unverified allegations from FIFTY FIFTY’s side without even discerning the accuracy of the facts.” KEPA also reproached, “By reenacting our pop culture industry’s business activities and structures with casino tables and chips, they belittled the entertainment industry as a gambling, and slandered producers, who are properly conducting their business, as ‘gamblers.'”

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