Lim Ji Yeon Dishes on Her Rising Popularity and Working With A-list Actresses on ‘You Quiz On The Block’

lim ji yeon you quiz on the block
lim ji yeon you quiz on the block
Credit: tvN

The latest episode of You Quiz On The Block featured Lim Ji Yeon, the actress currently riding the crest of the popularity wave, as its guest.

Having delivered riveting performances in Netflix’s The Glory and JTBC’s Lies Hidden in My Garden, she was asked by Jo Se Ho if she realizes the surge in her popularity. To which Lim candidly replied, “I do. I’m shooting another drama now, and the staff there keeps mentioning the jjajangmyeon scene. Moreover, my social media followers have increased about tenfold.” She added with a laugh, “Even my family now calls me by my character’s name in The Glory, Yeon Jin. They say things like, ‘Yeon Jin, dinner’s ready.'”

One particular scene in Lies Hidden in My Garden, where she pigs out on jjajangmyeon after her abusive husband’s death, became a viral sensation. The actress commented, “I had no idea it would become this big of a topic. I’m a big eater, and if I’d known, I would’ve eaten more.” She added, “I am the kind who always meticulously plans things out, so everything was planned. The relief she feels after her husband’s death and the ensuing void: I thought it’d be an eerie emotion. I ended up eating three to four bowls of jjajangmyeon during the shoot.”

lim ji yeon you quiz on the block
Credit: tvN

Lim then talked about working with A-list actresses Song Hye Kyo in The Glory and Kim Tae Hee in Lies Hidden in My Garden, expressing her deep admiration for both. She revealed, “On the first day of shooting with Hye Kyo, I asked her, ‘How can I become closer to you?’ She responded with a big smile and warmly accepted me. Tae Hee is like an angel. She helped me so much,” expressing her boundless love.

Speaking about her first-ever villainous role in The Glory, the actress admitted, “I was incredibly ambitious because it was such a precious opportunity.” She candidly added, “I was confident that The Glory would be successful. I just knew it. The script was solid, and I could already sense the thrill and catharsis in other actors’ scenes. After meeting with the director, I felt that this role was absolutely mine and that I could do it really well.”

She’s currently starring alongside Jeon Do Yeon in the film Revolver (literal title). She dished her admiration, saying, “It’s an honor to work with someone I’ve always wanted to learn from. The experience is invaluable.” Yoo Jae Suk praised Lim for her vibrant personality, predicting that’s how she’d won the actresses’ hearts. She warmly responded, “They do like me. I’m usually the one to take the first step.”

Briefly mentioning her boyfriend, Lee Do Hyun, Lim made light of a dance incident, quipping, “If I have to, I’ll dance. But I’m terrible at it. Do Hyun really regrets doing the Tecktonik dance.”

Concluding the segment, when questioned about her acting aspirations, she said, “I want to explore romance genres and dive into challenging roles portraying maternal instincts as I mature. I used to think that I needed to look pretty, but my perspective has changed – being that role is pretty itself. I want to become an actress who looks good in her wrinkles.”

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