Kim Tae Hee Returns to Variety Show After 13 Years With Candid Charm

kim tae hee stairway to heaven
kim tae hee stairway to heaven
Credit: MMTG YouTube

Kim Tae Hee recently delighted fans with her frank talks in her first variety show in 13 years.


The latest episode of the web-based variety show Civilization Express featured Kim Tae Hee, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Lim, the cast members of the Genie TV original drama Lies Hidden in My Garden, as guests.

Explaining her decision to return to a variety show, Kim Tae Hee mentioned her high-school niece, saying, “She said, ‘It would be nice if you could be on the show that I subscribe to.'”

When asked about being a model student in her school days, the actress confessed, “I did save time for studying, but there were friends who were even more diligent than me,” confirming anecdotes of running home to gain extra study time. She also revealed a mischievous side of her past, saying, “Actually, I was quite the troublemaker. My brother (actor Lee Wan) was a big victim. We used to communicate not with words but with kicks. Once, he went out and closed the balcony door, and I broke it with a kick.”

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A conversation about the guests’ past drama episodes led to a scene from Stairway to Heaven where Kim Tae Hee was slapped by Shin Hyun Joon. Kim Tae Hee jestingly shared, “In fact, Kim Sung Oh treated me more roughly in this new drama. He grabbed me by my hair.” To this, Kim Sung Oh retorted, “I didn’t hit her,” giving a big laugh.

While answering questions about her MBTI, Kim Tae Hee revealed that she is an INFP. However, she added in jest, “I only took the test because people kept asking me, but I still don’t know what being an INFP really means.”

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