‘Black Knight’ Director Marvels at Kim Woo Bin’s Electrifying Performance

kim woo bin black knight
kim woo bin black knight
Credit: Netflix

Director Jo Ui Seok has shared his thoughts on Kim Woo Bin’s performance in Black Knight.

During a recent interview on the 15th, Director Jo praised, “Kim Woo Bin is an exceptional actor with a great physique. After his recovery from illness, he returned with deeper eyes and a stronger voice,” adding, “He fit the character 5-8 perfectly.”

Jo, who previously collaborated with Kim Woo Bin on the film Master, generated buzz once again by teaming up with the actor, who has since overcome nasopharyngeal cancer.

“Kim Woo Bin fortunately recovered from his illness. In the midst of contemplating which project to pursue, I proposed that he take part in this,” the director shared. “Initially, I thought it might be challenging as his physical strength hadn’t fully returned. But he insisted on performing most of his action scenes without a stunt double unless it was too intense. He managed to pull most of the sequences himself. After reading the script, Kim Woo Bin’s first words were, ‘I wanted to work with you again.” Jo then emphasized, “He worked with confidence and passion.”

kim woo bin black knight
Credit: Netflix

In the series, Kim Woo Bin’s character 5-8 is seen smoking a few times, which were created using computer graphics.

Addressing this, Director Jo explained, “In the original work, the character is a heavy smoker. After much deliberation (since Kim Woo Bin was sick), we decided to create those scenes with 100% CGI, thanks to our CGI team.”

Black Knight, released on the 12th, is a Netflix series set in a future Korean Peninsula where severe air pollution makes it impossible to live without an oxygen respirator. It depicts the struggles of legendary deliveryman 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin) and refugee Sawol (Kang Yoo Seok) against the Cheonmyeong Group, who rule the new world.

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