‘The Roundup: No Way Out’ Drops Thrilling Trailer and Character Posters of All-Star Cast

the roundup no way out
the roundup no way out
Credit: ABO Entertainment

ABO Entertainment has announced the release date for its upcoming crime movie, The Roundup: No Way Out, along with its teaser trailer and posters featuring the three main characters.

The Roundup: No Way Out is an action-packed movie that follows the unstoppable beast detective Ma Seok Do (played by Ma Dong Seok) on his exhilarating mission to eliminate crime. After relocating to the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Team, he sets out to capture Joo Seong Cheol (Lee Joon Hyuk), the mastermind behind a new drug crime, and another villain named Riki (Munetaka Aoki).

The trailer kicks off with the one and only Ma Dong Seok flexing his legendary bare-knuckle brawling chops, sending chills down viewers’ spines with the bold declaration, “No more explanation is needed.” The mood intensifies as Joo Seong Cheol storms onto the scene, emanating an air of raw power as he viciously clutches a hapless victim’s face and snarls, “How dare you lose the drugs to the police?” This tantalizing glimpse promises an epic thrill ride that fans won’t soon forget.

the roundup no way out

The movie also released character posters of the three lead actors, giving a glimpse of the expanded world of the film. The first poster features Ma Dong Seok in character as Ma Seok Do, exuding his dominant charisma as the beast detective.

The remaining two posters showcase Lee Joon Hyuk and Munetaka Aoki in their villainous roles. Lee Joon Hyuk displays a different side of himself with the bold statement, “If you touch that drug, I’ll kill everyone.” Meanwhile, fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of global actor Munetaka Aoki as the first-ever foreign villain in the series, adding to the excitement and curiosity surrounding the film.

The Roundup: No Way Out will hit theaters on May 31st.

Source : ABO Entertainment

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