BTS’ Jungkook’s Secret Noodle Recipe Takes the Internet by Storm

jungkook recipe
jungkook recipe
Credit: Weverse

BTS’ Jungkook has once again set the internet ablaze by sharing another secret recipe on Weverse.

During a recent live stream, he was seen making noodles with his secret sauce and strongly recommended it to his fans, saying, “I am in love with these noodles these days. This is hands down the best. You guys should make yourself one, for sure. Even for me, who cannot handle spicy food, it’s not that spicy, and it is easier to make than Bulguri. I hope everyone in the world can have a taste of it.”

jungkook recipe
Credit: Weverse

Jungkook also shared his recipe trick: “Mix four tablespoons of perilla oil, two tablespoons of cham sauce, one tablespoon of Buldak sauce, one tablespoon of Buldak mayo sauce, and one egg yolk all together, and then you get the sauce. And if you think you need more sauce, you can put more of them. Now, you boil buckwheat noodles as much as you want, wash them in cold water, and drain them thoroughly. Next, pour the sauce on the noodles as you like, and make sure to use seasoned seaweed – not unseasoned one, and you are done.” He also shared additional tips for making the perfect dish, such as using 100% perilla oil that is low-temperature pressed and buckwheat noodles that have more than 30% buckwheat in them.

After Jungkook revealed his secret recipe, ‘JUNGKOOK LIVE’ and ‘Jungkookie’ ranked first on Twitter. Related keywords such as ‘Our Jungkook,’ ‘Perilla Oil Makguksu,’ ‘Makguksu Recipe,’ ‘Buldak Sauce,’ ‘Cold Pressed’ and ‘Jungkook’ were also trending in real-time in 155 countries.

It’s worth noting that Jungkook previously shared his own ‘Bulguri’ recipe as well.

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