The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards: Full List of Nominees Revealed

baeksang arts awards 2023
Credit: ENA, Netflix, tvN, JTBC

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards announced its nominees for the television and film categories!

TV Category

Best Drama: My Liberation Notes (JTBC), The Glory (Netflix), Our Blues (tvN), Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA), Little Women (tvN)

Best Director: Kim Kyu Tae (Our Blues), Kim Seok Yoon (My Liberation Notes), Kim Hee Won (Little Women), Yoo In Shik (Extraordinary Attorney Woo ), Lee Joo Young (Anna)

Best Screenplay: Kim Eun Sook (The Glory), Moon Ji Won (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Park Hae Young (My Liberation Notes), Jeong Seo Kyung (Little Women), Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran (Alchemy of Souls)

Best Art: No Young Shim (Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Music), Ryu Seong Hee (Little Women – Art), Song Nak Hoon, Cho Jin Hyun, Hwang In Wook (Inkigayo – Filming), Hwang Jin Hye (Extraordinary Attorney Woo – VFX), Jang Jong Kyung (The Glory – Filming)

Best Actor: Son Suk Ku (My Liberation Notes), Lee Byung Hun (Our Blues), Lee Sung Min (Reborn Rich), Jung Kyung Ho (Crash Course in Romance), Choi Min Sik (Casino)

Best Actress: Kim Ji Won (My Liberation Notes), Kim Hye Soo (Under the Queen’s Umbrella), Park Eun Bin (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Song Hye Kyo (The Glory), Suzy (Anna)

Best Supporting Actor: Kang Ki Young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Kim Do Hyun (Reborn Rich), Kim Jun Han (Anna), Park Sung Hoon (The Glory), Jo Woo Jin (Narco-Saints)

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Shin Rok (Reborn Rich), Yeom Hye Ran (The Glory), Lee El (My Liberation Notes), Lim Ji Yeon (The Glory), Jung Eun Chae (Anna)

Best New Actor: Kim Gun Woo (The Glory), Kim Min Ho (Recruit), Moon Sang Min (Under the Queen’s Umbrella), Joo Jong Hyuk (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Hong Kyung (Weak Hero Class 1)

Best New Actress: Kim Hieora (The Glory), Roh Yoon Seo (Crash Course in Romance), Lee Kyung Seong (My Liberation Notes), Joo Hyun Young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Ha Yoon Kyeong (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

baeksang arts awards 2023
Credit: CJ ENM, Lotte Entertainment, Megabox Plus M, Twin Plus Partners, NEW
Film Category

Best Film: Next Sohee, The Night Owl, Hansan: Rising Dragon, Hunt, Decision to Leave

Best Director: Kim Han Min (Hansan: Rising Dragon), Park Chan Wook (Decision to Leave), Ahn Tae Jin (The Night Owl), Lee Jung Jae (Hunt), Jung Ju Ri (Next Sohee)

Best New Director: Kim Se In (The Apartment with Two Women), Park Yi Woong (The Girl on a Bulldozer). Ahn Tae Jin (The Night Owl), Lee Sang Yong (The Roundup), Lee Jung Jae (Hunt)

Best Screenplay: Park Gyu Tae (6/45), Lee Jung Jae & Cho Seung Hee (Hunt), Jeong Seo Kyeong & Park Chan Wook (Decision to Leave), Jung Ju Ri (Next Sohee), Hyun Gyu Ri & Ahn Tae Jin (The Night Owl)

Best Art: Ryu Seong Hee (Decision to Leave – Art), Lee Mogae (Hunt – Filming), Jeong Seong Jin & Jeong Chul Min (Hansan: Rising Dragon – VFX) Jo Yeong Wook (Decision to Leave – Music), Hong Seung Chul (The Night Owl – Lighting)

Best Actor: Ryu Jun Yeol (The Night Owl), Ma Dong Seok (The Roundup), Park Hae Il (Decision to Leave), Song Kang Ho (Broker), Jung Woo Sung (Hunt)

Best Actress: Bae Doona (Next Sohee), Yang Mal Bok (The Apartment with Two Women), Yum Jung Ah (Life Is Beautiful), Jeon Do Yeon (Kill Boksoon), Tang Wei (Decision to Leave)

Best Supporting Actor: Kang Ki Young (Bargaining), Kim Sung Cheol (The Night Owl), Park Ji Hwan (The Roundup), Byun Yo Han (Hansan: Rising Dragon), Im Si Wan (Emergency Declaration)

Best Supporting Actress: Park Se Wan (6/45), Bae Doona (Broker), Ahn Eun Jin (The Night Owl), Yum Jung Ah (Alienoid), Lee Yeon (Kill Boksoon)

Best New Actor: Roh Jae Won (Missing Yoon), Jinyoung (Christmas Carol), Byeon Woo Seok (20th Century Girl), Seo In Guk (Project Wolf Hunting), Ong Seong Wu (Life is Beautiful)

Best New Actress: Go Youn Jung (Hunt), Kim Si Eun (Next Sohee), Kim Hye Yoon (The Girl on a Bulldozer), IU (Broker), Ha Yoon Kyeong (Gyeong-ah’s Daughter)

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on April 28th.

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