BTS’s Jimin Breaks Down in Tears While Texting Fans

bts jimin news
bts jimin news
Credit: Pixid

Jimin of BTS was moved to tears after realizing the extent to which his fans care for him.

On March 26th, a video featuring BTS’ Jimin as a guest was uploaded on the YouTube channel Pixid. He joined a chat room created by K-pop fans living outside of Seoul and pretended to be one of them. Jimin carefully read the answers fans gave to various questions, including their saddest moments as local fans and how they planned things weeks before concerts.

bts jimin news
Credit: Pixid

During the video, fans shared their realistic concerns about booking tickets, accommodation, and transportation for the Seoul concert. When Jimin read the messages and expressed his surprise, he said, “I was dumbfounded as I had never thought about those concerns,” in an interview with the production team.

When asked, “What does being obsessed with your favorite stars mean to you?,” fans expressed their gratitude by writing, “They bring me joy and help me avoid burnout,” “I’m not exactly sure why, but I don’t feel like spending money on my favorite star is a waste,” and “They helped me overcome and endure a difficult time. I have received great strength from them, so I don’t care how far I travel to see their concert.”

bts jimin news
Credit: Pixid

Jimin read all those texts and started wiping away tears. “I think our fans brought us to where we are now, and we should repay all their love and support,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Jimin became the first South Korean soloist to sell a million copies of his new album FACE on the release date.

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