Jang Hyuk Talks About His On-Screen Chemistry With Jang Nara and Choosing to Star in ‘Family’

jang hyuk family
jang hyuk family drama
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Jang Hyuk shared his admiration and trust in his co-star Jang Nara in a recent written interview about their new drama, Family.

The star revealed why he decided to star in Family. “I was especially intrigued by the drama’s genre and was captivated by the character of Kwon Do Hoon, who must conceal his true identity to protect his family,” he said.

The drama is receiving a lot of attention as it marks the fourth reunion of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra. Jang Hyuk commented on their chemistry, saying, “I’ve had great chemistry with Jang Na Ra since Successful Story of a Bright Girl. I think the characters we played then created a beautiful harmony in the show.”

jang hyuk family
Credit: tvN

Jang Hyuk went on to explain how Jang Na Ra’s ability to capture the realistic part of the story makes their on-screen partnership work so well, saying, “Romantic comedy shows follow deep storylines with some comical elements. Na Ra does a good job of capturing the realistic part of the story. Even when I go overboard with my acting, she can seamlessly blend that into the story. I think that’s what attracts many viewers.”

Jang Hyuk further added, “When we are working together, Na Ra never makes me think, ‘How will she act for this part?’ Instead, we trust each other and react naturally to each other’s acting during the shooting. That’s why we show amazing teamwork.”

Jang Hyuk closed the interview by expressing his hopes for the success of Family, saying, “The drama has various genres, including comedy, action, and family. I hope viewers will enjoy the unique blend of genres that is not typically seen in other shows.” He also hinted at the great on-screen chemistry he and Jang Na Ra have shown in previous romantic comedy projects, saying, “You can also look forward to seeing the great chemistry we have displayed in various rom-com projects.”

Family will begin airing on April 17th.

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