Park Sung Hoon Says He Was Shocked by the Bathtub Scene with Cha Joo Young in ‘The Glory’

park sung hoon the glory
park sung hoon the glory
Credit: W Korea

The villains of The Glory showcased their delightful chemistry.

On the 17th, a video titled “There’s no Samsung or Kakao, but… would you like to come in?” was posted on the W Korea YouTube channel.

While talking about each other, Kim Hieora mentioned a memorable episode with Cha Joo Young, “There’s a performance that just came out after being awe of her perfect body figure.” She elaborated, “I was supposed to just talk. But Koo Young is tall, so my eyes just kept focusing on that one part of her body. And without noticing, I just slapped like this and sprinkled Febreze around that area.”

“I instantly went, ‘I’m sorry, Joo Young. But can I keep doing it?’ and she said, ‘Suit yourself,'” Kim Hieora recalled. To which Cha Joo Young replied, “That scene became an even more memorable scene thanks to Hieora.” adding warmth to the story.

Kim Hieora also commented that Cha Joo Young was often spotted exhausted in tight clothes at the filming site, which made everyone laugh. Lim Ji Yeon chimed in, “Her outfits looked like they were about to burst at any moment, so she couldn’t sit down and had to stand all the time,” causing more laughter.

Lim Ji Yeon and Cha Joo Young shared an interesting behind-the-scenes story. Cha Joo Young shared, “(Ji Yeon) is not picky about food and eats everything.” She added, “We went to a nearby pub together, and we spent 250,000 won (about $192) in just two hours. We ate about 20-22 side dishes.” Lim Ji Yeon admitted, “I do eat a lot.”

Kim Gun Woo praised one of Park Sung Hoon’s scenes where he crosses the road to his daughter Ye Sol. Kim Hieora agreed, saying it was a great scene. Kim Gun Woo explained, “It’s a fantastic scene where all the complex emotions are visible. I watched it several times. And in part 2, there’s a cement scene. His acting is great, but the overall tone of that scene itself was incredible..”

“Would you like to come in?” was the most memorable line Park Sung Hoon picked. He explained, “I was really surprised when I read the script. I couldn’t have imagined that the plot would go in that direction.” This line is from the R-rated bathtub scene featuring Cha Joo Young’s nude.

Park Sung Hoon then laughed as he added, “Writer Kim (Eun Sook) told me, ‘Jae Jun, your popularity will only last two months, so enjoy this moment to the fullest. When part 2 comes out, viewers will cast you aside.'”

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