People Wonder Why Yoo Ah In Still Hasn’t Been Summoned for Questioning

yoo ah in drugs
yoo ah in drugs
Credit: SBS News

It’s been about a month since Yoo Ah In was accused of illegal drug use. However, he still hasn’t been summoned for his first questioning, raising questions.

Yoo Ah In’s case is a serious matter within the police force, so much so that the chief of the National Police Agency has directly mentioned the case himself. “We’ll summon Yoo Ah In for questioning. We’ll investigate his medical records,” he said on Tuesday.

Some pointed out that the investigation into Yoo Ah In’s case is slow. The investigation into his habitual propofol usage changed its direction when his hair sample tested positive for three more drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. If the actor was one of the dozens of habitual propofol users, now it’s all about “finding out Yoo Ah In’s charges.”

Moreover, marijuana and cocaine are different from propofol, which has sedative effects. Since these drugs are rarely used as a group rather than individually, an investigation into supply and accomplices is inevitable. One insider shared, “This is a big case for the police, so we’re trying to prepare adequately by forming a task force so as not to let (the guilty party) get away with crime.”

Yoo Ah In is getting ready to be summoned. Though he excused his propofol usage with a needle phobia, things are not looking up for him. The legal community expected that “unlike propofol, it will not be easy to explain cocaine.”

>> Yoo Ah In Claims Needle Phobia as Reason for Propofol Use

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