Curated Playlist: 4 Korean Indie Artists’ Songs You Should Add to Your Playlist

k indie songs

Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Eungee Joh

k indie songs

Labels in the music industry are coming into light in the wake of NewJeans’ debut, who recently dominated the K-pop scene with a uniquely fresh concept. Music labels are companies that produce and release music created by various producers and artists, and each of them has a different musical color as they are comprised of artists of all stages of careers and artistic practices. The musical DNA of a label is determined by its producers, just as Jay Park and Simon D’s AOMG mostly focuses on hip-hop and R&B music. Thanks to the labels with different colors, we can enjoy more diverse music.

If you are a fan of Korean indie music, you may have heard of a music label named PAIX PER MIL. The company is created by FANXY CHILD’s music producer MILLIC, which Zico, Crush, and Dean signed with, and EOH (all 0 Channel), who produced tunes like OFFONOFF “Dance” and “GOLD.” They put the value of diversity first in music and established the label with the goal of supporting artists to find peace in their daily lives through music. The agency has been introducing many new artists since 2022, and this year, Milic will be making his comeback with a new album after six years of hiatus.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the songs written and released by the PAIX PER MIL artists.



HUNJIYA’s songs are personal and bold, an expression of one facet of her identity. In that way, she refuses to be restricted to a single genre of music but rather freely flows between genres such as alternative R&B, pop, jazz, and folk.


A sentimental tune beautifully sweeps across a nostalgic arrangement. An acoustic bed of guitar and piano as well as blah’s saccharine voice vividly capture the story of the artist living today. It is one of those songs that feels like it has always existed somewhere and is worth listening to over and over again.


IOAH’s beats are transparent. His unbiased, resilient sounds take us back to basic instincts. Anything beyond the sound itself – gender or whereabouts of IOAH or even the name itself – is pointless. Music is his only spell.

EOH (0Channel)

EOH’s music revolves around a process, not a finished product. He lives through each song and discovers/recovers himself every time. That makes his music breathe, almost like a living creature. Sometimes, it makes us feel wholesome and sometimes, it provokes us like a tiny riot.

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