Blockberry Creative Indefinitely Postpones LOONA’s Comeback

loona new album
loona new album
Credit: LOONA Twitter

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Blockberry Creative has announced an indefinite postponement of LOONA’s comeback as an 11-member group.

On the 22nd, BBC released an official statement, “After carefully listening to many people, including Orbit (fandom), we’ve decided that making a comeback while concerns for members’ situation is still rampant,” they wrote. “Therefore, LOONA’s The Origin Album [0], slated for release on January 3rd, that the 11 members worked so hard on, will be postponed indefinitely.”

The agency then mentioned its dispute with former LOONA member Chuu. “From the beginning, LOONA’s success was a near-impossible task that had to be accomplished with the investment and efforts of the agency without hopes of retrieving any, and the faith and sacrifice of the members who believed in and followed us,” they commented.

“This year, six years after the project started, we finally found the light of hope with the constant efforts and waiting of the members who believed in our company,” they went on. “We hoped that all members would work together with one heart, but unfortunately, contrary to our expectations, the former member started to show a change in her attitude.” BBC continued, “We even accepted the risk and agreed to change the contents of the contract, making all possible attempts to protect LOONA, but as everyone knows, we came to an unfortunate conclusion.”

BBC wrapped up its long statement, stressing that they’ll create an environment where the fans can happily support LOONA.

However, people are pouring out their disapproval over the statement that basically “blames” Chuu for the postponement. These are some of the comments: “This is just so mean,” “Wow, this statement is full of spite from start to finish,” and “This is just crazy.”

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