Dispatch Tries to Get to the Bottom of the Dispute Between Chuu and Blockberry Creative

chuu leaving loona
chuu leaving loona
Credit: Blockberry Creative

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Dispatch has revealed the whole story behind the reason Blockberry Creative (BBC) “kicked out” Chuu from LOONA.

Dispatch believed BBC and Chuu started off on the wrong foot from the start when they signed an exclusive contract on December 4th, 2017.

According to the contract, the exclusive contract between A (BBC) and B (Chuu) included a clause where the company takes 70% of the profit and Chuu takes 30%. However, they settled for a 50:50 distribution of money used to support her activities – which is very unusual even in the industry. In fact, BBC raked up about 1.08 billion won (about $820,000) after tax, Chuu only got her hands on 67.95 million won (about $52,000) from 2016 to 2021.

chuu leaving loona
Credit: Dispatch

This later backfired because Chuu sued for an injunction to nullify the contract in January of this year. Then in April, BBC and Chuu signed a “separate contract” that took precedence over the exclusive contract. This new contract stated that the revenue would be split 70 to 30; this time Chuu took 70%. And if costs exceeded revenues, BBC was to bear half of the costs. It also gave Chuu the right to refuse any LOONA activities six times a month – three for any LOONA activities as a full group and three for LOONA album promotions.

Credit: Dispatch

Additionally, a provision was added that gives the party who received damage to claim 50 million won (about $40,000) in compensation. In fact, Chuu’s mother exercised this right and filed a claim to get paid when the MV shooting for LOONA’s “Flip That” got delayed and interfered with the singer’s already-scheduled plan to shoot a commercial. In the end, Chuu was paid 50 million won to shoot scene 16, which was a group choreo, but left at 3 AM without shooting scene 19.

However, Chuu’s anger with BBC only escalated when BBC called her mother to complain about the short spoiler that she showed about the upcoming LOONA promotion during her fan meeting. CEO A from BBC texted Chuu’s mother, “Ma’am, the key choreo shouldn’t have been unveiled just yet. Members are having a meeting about the overseas tours, and I expect complaints from them.”

Credit: Dispatch

When her mother told Chuu what A texted, Chuu texted General Manager B, the only person from BBC she thought she could talk to. “You guys are picking a fight over this? That one second? I’m not doing this album,” she wrote. “I’ll just focus on my solo promotions. Don’t dream I’ll ever participate in activities like Queendom again.” When she didn’t get a reply, Chuu went for a punch, “Do I have to write all about this and die for you guys to get your head straight?”

On November 25th, BBC announced that Chuu would be “expelled” from LOONA due to her abusive language and misuse of power toward the staff. The proof they used was the texts she sent to B.

Yes, from B’s point of view, Chuu’s words were harsh. However, she has already lost trust in the company and sees BBC as a pack of incompetent people and liars.

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