Han Ji Hyun on Filming Kiss Scenes With Bae In Hyuk and Kim Hyun Jin in ‘Cheer Up’

cheer up kiss scene
han ji hyun cheer up
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Han Ji Hyun discussed the on-screen love triangle between herself, Bae In hyuk and Kim Hyun Jin that played out during Cheer Up in an interview she had after the drama’s wrap.

Han Ji Hyun said, “Haei liked Jeong U (played by Bae In Hyuk) from the beginning. Although she was tempted by Sun Ho (Kim Hyun Jin), I don’t think she’s ever really liked him. So I cared more about Jeong U than Sun Ho playing her.”

Talking about why she had a crush on Jeong U, Ji Hyun explained, “The script describes that Haei falls in love with him at first sight as she sees him dancing on stage. But I think the whole process was more gradual and slow. I wanted to portray her thoughts changing from ‘What’s this feeling?’ to ‘I just like him.’”

The actress also recalled what it was like filming the romance scenes with two actors. She said, “We had so much fun filming the open-air theater scene. There is a scene where Jeong U saves Haei by grabbing her arm. It was supposed to be a heart-fluttering scene, but we had a hard time holding our laughter. While taking a full shot scene, Seon Ho, Jeong U and I did our best not to laugh. It was hilarious and we had so much fun.”

When asked to pick a romance scene from the series, she said, “Romantic scenes are not actually that romantic when you have to act in it, but if I were to choose a scene, I would go with the scene where Jeong U confesses his feelings to her in Busan, or the scene where he looks back while Juk Jae sings. I think those two scenes are the most romantic in the series.”

han ji hyun cheer up
Credit: SBS

Han Ji Hyun also revealed what it was like filming the kiss scenes with the two male leads. “It was just too cold to think about the scene being romantic while filming it,” she said. “I got all wet because of the snow, and it was literally freezing. I shivered in the biting breeze on the beach. I look so grubby in the photos taken at the time. All I can recall is that it was just brutally cold. But I did not catch a cold despite the harsh weather, unlike Bae In Hyuk,” she shared.

The actress continued, “That was my first kiss scene, and I spent three hours rehearsing it with Bae In Hyuk. We discussed a lot about how to create a romantic vibe. The rainbow in that kiss scene was real, and I loved it.”

She continued, “I was worried a bit as it was my first time doing a romance series. I thought a lot about how to make the show more exciting and romantic since it is a drama led by a female protagonist. With that in mind, I tried to enjoy filming and creating the series.

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