‘House on Wheels 4’ Stars Look Back on Their Youngest Members Careers: Yeo Jin Goo, Yim Si Wan, Gong Myung and Rowoon

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The ninth episode of tvN’s House on Wheels 4 had Sung Dong Il and Kim Hee Won looking back on their 2.5-year-long journey.

Sung Dong Il said, “Many of those who watched our show told me they are jealous of me. I think the strength of our program is that people can go on the trip to the same place as we did.”

The two then talked about how they got along with the two youngest members on the show. “When we were filming Season 1, Yeo Jin Goo seemed very nervous around us, but now we’re almost like friends. He did something impressive in each episode and created lots of different things. I still remember the cup of coffee he fixed for me,” Hee Won recalled.

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Dong Il responded, “I met Jin Goo for the first time in two years, and I noticed that he had not changed at all. After Season 1’s conclusion, all three of us wanted to do a Season 2 together, but it did not work out as Jin Goo had another schedule. So we anticipated a lot on who would be the new youngest member in the show’s next season.”

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Credit: tvN

Regarding Season 2’s youngest member Yim Si Wan, the actor said, “He’s really passionate and smart. He has a romantic view of the world and is very adorable. He’s like the older version of the Little Prince.”

As for the third season’s youngest cast member Gong Myung, Kim Hee Won said, “He’s chill around us, and we got along pretty well.” “I was a little taken aback when I first saw Seok Woo [Rowoon’s birth name] in person on the show because he’s so tall and handsome. He always tidies things up after work, and he once told me he just cannot stand when things are messy around him. He would always read the room and interact with us.”

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