Rowoon, Kim Hye Yoon & Lee Jae Wook Show Off Their Friendship in ‘House on Wheels 4’

house on wheels 4 rowoon
house on wheels 4 rowoon
Credit: tvN

Extraordinary You stars Rowoon, Kim Hye Yoon, and Lee Jae Wook showed off their friendship in House on Wheels 4.

In the recent episode of tvN’s House on Wheels 4, Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook joined the three brothers (Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, Rowoon) and left for the maple forest of Okcheon Whale Village.

On this day, Sung Dong Il realized the height difference between Kim Hye Yoon and the two actors (Rowoon 190cm, Lee Jae Wook 187cm) and asked, “How did you fit in between these two tall boys?” The actress wittily responded, “Sometimes, when I’m between them, I can’t hear well.” She even added, “When the three of us had to film together, I had to step on a box.”

Rowoon jokingly added, “Sometimes, when Hye Yoon didn’t wash her hair, I could smell it,” to which Hye Yoon responded, “I showered today,” giving a big laugh.

house on wheels 4 rowoon
Credit: tvN

During lunch, Rowoon defined Hye Yoon and Jae Wook as “friends I love so much.” He explained, “We tried to stay considerate of each other, so I was able to lean on them when I was mentally and physically strained.” Hye Yoon also commented, “There were many scenes where the three of us had to work together, and we cheered each other on and talked about our worries. It felt like we were really making the drama together.”

Hearing that, Rowoon chimed in, “I thought about what friends are. And I think they’re the ones who don’t want anything from me. Their happiness is my happiness.”

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