Jung Hae In and Ko Kyung Pyo’s New Series ‘Connect’ Drops Character Video Introducing 4 Intense Characters

jung hae in new drama
jung hae in new drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Ahead of its release on December 7th, the new Disney Plus series Connect released a character video, announcing the birth of four unconventional characters.

Connect follows Dong Soo (Jung Hae In), one of the new immortal humans named “Connect,” after he loses an eye to organ traffickers. When he realizes that his eye was transplanted into the body of a serial killer who’s turned the country upside down, he starts a thrilling pursuit after him.

The video shows the actors and Director Takashi Miike taking turns to introduce the characters. First, Jung Hae In describes Dong Soo as a lonely person. To complete this new kind of human called “Connect,” he asked himself questions like how much pain he’ll be and how to express that pain. Miike added that Connect is basically the “growth story of Dong Soo who has an undying body.”

Ko Kyung Pyo also heralded an intense transformation into a serial killer. The actor introduced Jin Sub as someone “very calm but wouldn’t tolerate his territory being invaded.” The Janus-like aspect of Jin Sub, who’ll have an eerie face-off with Dong Soo, will double the tension of the drama.

Then there are Kim Hye Joon as Choi Yi Rang with mysterious charms and Kim Roi Ha as Detective Choi. Near the end of the video, the actors shared that they loved working together, showing a glimpse into the strong teamwork and trust of the team.

Source: Disney Plus

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