Choi Hyun Wook Gushes About Working With Park Ji Hoon in ‘Weak Hero Class 1’

weak hero class 1 choi hyun wook
weak hero class 1 choi hyun wook
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Choi Hyun Wook shared what it was like working with Park Ji Hoon and Hong Kyung in an interview about Weak Hero Class 1.

The actor said, “We had amazing chemistry. I came to think that Ji Hoon’s eyes are like gems while working with him. When you look at his eyes, you will instantly understand what I mean. He has such deep eyes, and that really helped me to get into my character.”

“He’s always a hundred percent prepared and puts lots of thought into his character when playing the role,” he continued.“Nearing the second half of the series, I could feel his emotions just by looking at his back. I think I learned a lot from him.”

The actor also shared what it was like working with Hong Kyung. He commented, “He helped me express all my emotions. I learned a lot from watching him, and he made me love my job even more. Bum Seok does not show his emotions, but I could feel everything about him. His is great at portraying those restrained and subtle looks on his face.”

He also briefly talked about his character, saying, “Soo Ho has good relationships with everyone. However, I don’t think he had the time to really open up to someone as he has been living a lonely and busy life for a long time. So I thought he would have been very happy when he made friends with Si Eun and Bum Seok. I think Soo Ho is more joyful and energetic when he’s around his friends.”

When asked why he has not followed Bum Seok’s Instagram yet, he answered, “I think Young Yi (played by Lee Yeon) would have used his phone to follow her back on his Instagram. Soo Ho wouldn’t use Instagram so often and couldn’t care less about it.”

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