JTBC Announces 2023 Drama Lineup: ‘King the Land,’ ‘Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon’ and More

korean drama 2023

JTBC has unveiled a new drama lineup for 2023 full of A-list casting.

Doctor Cha Jung Sook (literal title)
Doctor Cha Jung Sook
Credit: JTBC

Doctor Cha Jung Sook tells the story of Cha Jung Sook, who went from being a housewife of 20 years to a first-year resident because of her husband’s betrayal. Uhm Jung Hwa steps into the role of Cha Jung Sook who’s been a housewife for 20 years, and Kim Byung Chul turns into Seo In Ho, Cha Jung Sook’s picky and sensitive husband and a proctologist who leads a double life.

(Advertising) Agency (literal title)
Lee Bo Young drama
Credit: Noblesse

(Advertising) Agency is an office drama that follows the career of Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) who becomes the first female executive at a large advertising agency. Despite being born in a poor family, Go Ah In rose to where she is now with her desire for success.

Sacred Divorce
Sacred Divorce kdrama
Credit: JTBC

Sacred Divorce depicts the tumultuous story of divorce lawyer Shin Sung Han. Cho Seung Woo takes on the role of Shin Sung Han who gives the joy of delicious victory to those standing in the middle of the road called divorce. 

Hip (working title)
Han Ji Min drama 2023
Credit: JTBC

Hip is about a veterinarian named Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) with psychometric superpowers and a passionate detective Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki), getting mixed up with each other while solving small crimes in a small town called Mujin.

King the Land
King the Land
Credit: JTBC

King the Land tells the story of a man who despises laughing and a woman who must laugh, creating a day where they can truly smile brightly in the VVIP lounge “King the Land,” a dream place of hoteliers. Lee Junho plays Goo Won, the son of the King Group with dignity, charisma, intelligence, and chic charms, while YoonA steps into the role of Chun Sa Rang, the “smile queen” of King Hotel.

Bad Mom
Bad Mom kdrama
Credit: JTBC

Bad Mom is the new healing comedy drama about Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who had to become a bad mother for her son, and her prosecutor son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun).

The Miracle Brothers (literal title)
Bae Hyeon Seong
Credit: JTBC

The Miracle Brothers revolves around Dong Ju (Jung Woo), a hot-blooded young man who is only left with debts, and Kang Sang (Bae Hyeon Seong), a mysterious boy with mysterious abilities. 

Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon
Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon
Credit: Management Redwoods, VARO Entertainment, JTBC, Fantagio, VARO Entertainment

Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon has Do Bong Soon’s second cousin Kang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi) and her mother (Kim Jung Eun) and grandmother (Kim Hae Sook) getting to the bottom of a new drug crime in Gangnam. Ong Seong Wu and Byeon Woo Seok will appear as a detective and a villain.

The Woman Who Plays (literal title)
Han Sun Hwa drama
Credit: JTBC

The Woman Who Plays is a heart-fluttering romance drama about Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo), a former crime boss who left the organization, and Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa), who loves playing with kids. 

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