Yook Sungjae and Yeon Woo’s Passionate Kiss Scene in ‘The Golden Spoon’ Sends Fans into a Frenzy

yook sungjae golden spoon
yook sungjae golden spoon
Credit: MBC

Yook Sungjae and Yeon Woo’s kiss scene from MBC’s The Golden Spoon is making headlines. The 12th episode had drunk Lee Seung Cheon (played by Yook Sungjae) blaming himself for stealing the golden spoon. Oh Yeo Jin (Yeon Woo) went to see Seung Cheon while he was drinking alone at a bar, and he was seen chugging drinks, admitting that he had lost to Hwang Tae Yong.

He said, “ He had a golden spoon. Do you know what I did to him today? I stole his golden spoon and switched it with a fake one.” He continued, “I didn’t want him to become Hwang Tae Yong. I didn’t want to return to being Lee Seung Cheon. But that punk chose my parents instead. I thought he’d use the golden spoon too. I thought he’d choose money over his parents. I am a piece of trash.”

Oh Yeo Jin comforted him, “Let’s say that you are. So what? We had no money, so we wanted to become rich. We only seized what had been offered to us. Anyone would have done the same had they met that old woman.” “Don’t be in pain. You are killing me. I wasn’t lonely because I had you, someone who was just like me. I don’t care if the world criticizes me. You are all that I need,” she said, giving his cheek a gentle stroke. Then the two shared a passionate kiss.

The kiss scene garnered lots of attention on various online communities and social media. Viewers wrote, “It is quite explicit,” “It made me thrilled,” “Interesting to see such a scene air on one of the mainstream networks,” “It made my heart sink” and “Their acting is great.”

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