Han Hye Jin Clears the Air About Rumors of Dispute Between Her and ‘Squid Game’ Star Jung Ho Yeon

han hye jin model
han hye jin model
Credit: Han Hye Jin YouTube

Han Hye Jin dismissed the rumors of discordance between her and Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon.

On the 25th, Han Hye Jin posted a Q&A video on her YouTube channel. While talking about her love life, diet tips, and more, she was asked if she had “reached an amicable agreement with Jung Ho Yeon.”

Han Hye Jin looked puzzled after reading the question but soon realized that it was about devil’s RUNWAY, the survival show aired in 2016. At the time, Kim Jinkyung and Jung Ho Yeon were paired to shoot twins pictorial, and Han Hye Jin accompanied their photoshoot as the mentor.

From the start, the two models kept coaching and helping each other, but Han Hye Jin pushed them to focus on their own work and stop minding each other’s business. Later, Jung Ho Yeon said in the interview, “I wasn’t satisfied with the result I was getting, and it kind of felt like she (Han Hye Jin) wasn’t helping me to focus, so I don’t feel good about that.” This lead to rumors of their dispute, which continues to this day

However, Han Hye Jin cleared the air, saying, “Ho Yeon is a model that I cherish very much. We had a good relationship back then too. We often met in the studios and walked on shows together.”

“You know it already. All shows are edited to some degree to fit the crew and show’s tendencies, so even if I say some good things, they’re all cut out,” she added. “And the final version is all too provacative. There’s nothing for us to settle. Broadcast is just a broadcast.”

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