Song Joong Ki Transforms Into the Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Family in ‘Reborn Rich’

reborn rich kdrama
Reborn Rich
Credit: JTBC

New JTBC drama Reborn Rich dropped its first main poster.

Reborn Rich is about a secretary named Yoon Hyun Woo who got killed after being falsely accused of embezzlement by the family he served for over ten years. The drama begins when he goes back in time and becomes the youngest son of the family who killed him. Set in the turbulent 80s, the show will unfold intricate mysteries and conspiracies over becoming the next “king” of the conglomerate. The drama is penned by Kim Tae Hee of Designated Survivor: 60 Days and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and rookie writer Jang Eun Jae. Jund Dae Yoon of W and She Was Pretty will helm the upcoming series.

Song Joong Ki will play both Yoon Hyun Woo and Jin Do Joon, the murdered secretary and the youngest son of the Sunyang family. Despite being the problem solver of the family for so many years, he gets killed after being framed for all their crimes. However, he goes back in time and becomes Jin Do Jun, the youngest son of the conglomerate family who killed him, and plans to avenge them by jumping into their heir battle.

Lee Sung Min plays Jin Yang Chul, the chairman of Sooyang Group who’s treated like an emperor within the family. Having gotten to where he is now from the bottom of the ladder, he prepares for the last battle of his life, craving for money. 

The first main poster raises curiosity about what will happen to Jin Do Joon and Jin Yang Chul who seems to have secrets. Although they look in the same direction, the raging desire appears to be reflected in the eyes of the two.

The production team shared, “Jin Do Joon wakes up in the body of Jin Do Jun, the youngest son of the Sunyang family, and confronts Jin Yang Chul while trying to become the next heir of the group. The two confront each other as nemesis and family members at the same time, so I hope you stay tuned to see how the story will unfold between them.”

Reborn Rich will premiere on September 18th. 

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