Ong Seong Wu Talks About Being an Actor, Filming ‘Seoul Vibe,’ and More

ong seong wu seoul vibe
ong seong wu seoul vibe
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Ong Seong Wu posed for the October issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

After charming the staff with his charms, the artist sat down for an interview. “It’s not as easy as I thought to convey a message to the audience through subtle facial and emotional expressions. But I’m learning a lot as I get more experienced and work with awesome actors,” Ong Seung Wu said as he elaborated on what it’s like being an actor.

He then added, “But I’m getting greedier (as an actor). Now I want to be better at what I do and get better reviews.”

ong seong wu seoul vibe
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea
ong seong wu seoul vibe
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Recently, Ong Seung Wu appeared in the Netflix movie Seoul Vibe. “Everything was so new,” he said. “We prepared for the movie for a long time, and it had a crazy budget and required lots of acting in front of a green screen, so I wanted to do a great job. ”

“But the most difficult thing was how I was going to play the character Joon Ki,” he continued. “Being the cheerful youngest member of the crew doesn’t mean just yelling and running around.” Ong Seung Wu recalled the time he prepared for the role. “I carried around the script until it got all worn out and I memorized the lines until my mouth went dry. But I wasn’t satisfied. Director Moon Hyun Sung called me one day, and he told me that I wouldn’t be able to move forward if I was afraid of failing and falling down. Hearing that, I suddenly found the courage and decided that I’d pour in my all for the role.”

Over the past four years, Ong Seung Wu appeared in four dramas and four movies. “I want to work steadily and grow as I accomplish the things I want one by one,” he shared. “I want to keep acting, which is something I love, as myself. Just being optimistic won’t do it – you need a healthy mind to spread good influence. ”

Lastly, the actor talked about the direction he wants to move forward in the future. “A short-time goal would be to become a good actor in his 30s. Some iconic actors come to mind when you think about great actors in their 30s. I want to become an actor who walks my own path, just like them.”

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