Ha Yoon Kyung Shares Her Thoughts on Season 2 of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and Her On-screen Romance With Joo Jung Hyuk

ha yoon kyung extraordinary attorney woo
ha yoon kyung extraordinary attorney woo
Credit: HODU&U Entertainment

In an interview for Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Ha Yoon Kyung shared her thoughts on getting Season 2 and her on-screen romance with Joo Jong Hyuk.

Regarding the negative response to her romance with the actor in the show, Ha Yoon Kyung shared, “I know. There were just so many unanswered questions waiting to be addressed, and the romance between the two seemed a little abrupt as they didn’t have enough time to develop feelings for each other. But, we did our best not to give off such an impression by filming scenes where we quarrel and deny our feelings toward each other.”

She continued, “I also didn’t quite fully get the scene where she confessed her feelings for Min Woo. I thought, maybe, conversations like that could be exchanged between colleagues. When I delivered the line, I didn’t think of it as a love confession scene but as a scene where I gave my co-worker a word of wisdom. I wanted to play the scene in a more natural, sincere way, not looking like I was completely smitten with him.”

When asked about her thoughts on the sequel, she answered, “I would be happy to see it get a Season 2. I will still be fine even if it doesn’t. I like how if left off. If the series ever gets a sequel, I hope to see my character grow more as a lawyer and someone’s lover. It would be great to see her mature into someone who is less emotional and professional in the second season.”

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