Red Velvet’s Yeri Snaps Back at a YouTuber Who Accused Her of Having “Jennie Disease”

Red Velvet Yeri
Red Velvet Yeri
Credit: Asia Today

Red Velvet’s Yeri snapped back at YouTube who accused her of having “Jennie disease.”

Recently, Yeri wrote in Bubble, a messaging app for artists and their fans, “I’m going to do whatever I want.” She then added, “Honestly, I feel bad for people like them. They can only make money by degrading others… So let’s just focus on our own lives and spend each day with love and happiness.”

Red Velvet Yeri
Credit: Bubble

This is believed to be her comeback to a YouTuber that accused Yeri of coming down with “Jennie’s Disease.” He claimed that Yeri “styled herself in dramatic outfits and makeup that does not suit her just so she can be like BLACKPINK’s Jennie.” He even added, “Her figure isn’t like Jennie’s, so I don’t even know what she’s doing, trying to copy. No matter what she does, she can’t become Jennie.”

Meanwhile, this YouTuber has been spreading unconfirmed/false rumors, including BTS’ V’s dating rumors.

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