‘A Model Family’ Trailer: Jung Woo Walks Into Trouble By Stealing From a Drug Cartel

netflix A Model Family trailer
netflix A Model Family trailer
Credit: Netflix

Netflix recently released a main poster and trailer for upcoming drama A Model Family.

A Model Family is a crime thriller series that follows an ordinary breadwinner who is on the verge of divorce and bankruptcy. After unwittingly stealing money from a cartel, a cash-strapped professor discovers that working as a drug courier is the only way to save his broken family.

In the tension-filled poster and trailer, the life of Dong Ha’s (played by Jung Woo) family plummets as he discovers and uses a load of cash in a mysterious vehicle. The trailer follows him needing money to get his son treated, and one day, he finds a car filled with cash and takes that money without thinking about what it would cost him.

Unfortunately, the money belongs to Kwang Chul (Park Hee Soon), the second in command of a drug gang. He recruits Dong Ha to be his drug mule, and the trailer further includes a glimpse of Eun Joo (Yoon Jin Seo) supporting her family in place of her husband and Joo Hyun (Park Ji Yeon) investigating Kwang Chul. The four get intertwined with a bloody suitcase full of cash as they set out to get what they want.

Kim Jin Woo, the show’s creator, shared that he poured his heart and soul into making the show immersive and compelling. He said that he tried his best to render this story into a realistic fable rather than focusing on extreme fantasies or reality. To that end, he reportedly shot the show at dusk or dawn so that the cast could actually feel the vibe and tension surrounding them on set.

A Model Family will premiere on August 12th.

Source: Netflix

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    I didn’t like the main character because guys always came to the rescue for her. She would go on and talk about revenge but does absolutely nothing to back up herself. She goes to threaten the villian yet has no power to fight back when the villian gets threatened. She would even refuse anyone’s help yet she wants to become powerful.

    I thought she would first find out proof about her husbands death then threaten the villian or reveal the truth but no she proceeds to stalk the villian and talk all about how she would tell everyone without proper proof.

    I even thought she would quietly tell her college freind so they secretly bring her down but no she doesn’t do that either, even when she was advised over and over again to get wealthy first or treat the villian with kindness so u don’t look like a threat instead of being a magnet to trouble which she was.

    And then she acts shocked when they try to kill ur daughter and kick u out of the house like what did she expect. Even i would kill her

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