DKZ’s Jaechan Shares a Shocking Experience He Recently Had in ‘Midnight Horror Story’

DKZ Jaechan stalking
DKZ Jaechan stalking
Credit: MBC

DKZ’s Jaechan said that he was recently stalked.

On the 21st, Jaechan appeared on MBC’s show Midnight Horror Story. After hearing a story of a person who had to take time off from school because of a stalker, Jaechan shared, “I recently had a similar experience, and it was scary.”

“I checked the phone after practicing, and there were like three or four missed calls,” he continued. “I called the number back, but they didn’t pick up. I just went home, thinking that they just misdialed. But just when I pressed the password and opened the door to my house, that number called me again.”

Jaechan added, “I answered, and the first thing I heard was, ‘You’re finally home.’ It was a woman’s voice,” shocking the cast. Kim Gu Ra speculated, “I think it’s a sasaeng fan.”

DKZ Jaechan stalking
Credit: CINE21

Meanwhile, Park Seo Ham, Jaechan’s co-star in the hit series Semantic Error, also suffered from stalking. On the 19th, Park Seo Ham’s agency npio Entertainment stated, “Following the actor’s vehicle to find out where he lives and visiting his residence; chasing around the actor and taking pictures and videos without permission; waiting for the actor in front of the building where he severs his military duty are acts of stalking. We inform you that we’ll take action against the stalking that’s terrifying our actor.”

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